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Oh, God...another blog.

May the Fourth Be With You.

Yes, it's true...this is another blog in a blog-eat-blog world for you to study, skim, or scroll past without a click.

Welcome to my brain. I make videos, TV commercials, and films (or, as a production professor once told me, peering at me over top his slippery specs, "No, you make videos. Unless you shoot on film, you haven't made a film." But I already said videos).

My plan is to write about me and you and everything I know. It's going to be wonderful and boring and relevant and pointless and safe and daring all at the same time.

A disclaimer: I don't know nothin' about anything; I just spew a series of guesses and opinions.

I'll keep the rest of it short-ish. I have to. I'm writing this on a break during a long render. That's when I'm waiting for my After Effects software to build a buncha stuff.

Today, I've been obsessed with music...because I've spent several hours searching for the right track to make a video project pop. Music, like sound, in general, can make or break a project. Underscore great content with the wrong music and the impact will change...and not for the better. Imagine the rebel fleet attacking the Death Star with a Kenny G jazzy sax solo blasting on the soundtrack instead of John Williams.

Finding the right music for any project is fun, but can be EXTREMELY TIME-CONSUMING - more than most people realize. It usually consists of me clicking from track-sample to track sample waiting for somthing to inspire me - YES, that's IT!! Or I could be trying to fill a client's wishes for a particular sound:

Client air-drumming: "Just use something like KOO-KOO! Koo-Koo! koo-koo!"

Me countering with an air-turntable: "What if it's more like boom-chicka-POW!"

"No, I like KOO-KOO! Koo-Koo! koo-koo!"

After we finish laughing, panic sets in. I can't just search for music from my sources by typing in "KOO-KOO! Koo-Koo! koo-koo!" Even if I can get creative with my search text, that means spending (sometimes) HOURS listening to various songs available to license...which is what I've been doing the last couple of days.

Someday, there will be higher budgets and commissioned composers.

For now, I will keep on searching. And listening.

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