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Write, Shoot, Edit, Release, Repeat.

It's you know where YOUR film crew is?

We're called the Villainy Family (so named after a couple dozen of us formed a bond shooting a little movie called VILLAINY FOR THE LONELY [available now on Vimeo and VHX {click the link under FILMS to learn more!}]). We produced a feature motion picture called FULL FRAME about a year ago. Post-production lasted from June of 2014 to January of 2015. We screened a sneak peek to a packed house at AMC on January 23rd and donated the proceeds to the Quincy Humane Society because animals rule. Early submissions to a plethora of film festivals followed the screening as we continue to build our audience, preparing for the picture's eventual public release.

(I wish this guy would get to the point...)

The point is, FULL FRAME is in a holding pattern. Hurry up and wait. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

That's one of the many painfully bizarre things about the movie business (from my extremely limited experience) and something that baffles most people. We finished making FULL FRAME; we even screened that means it's done, right? what's next? When, in truth, the film has barely stumbled 'round its first lap in a marathon shuffle of strangeness. We won't even start getting word if FULL FRAME will screen at festivals until August of 2015.

Seems like a lot of silly waiting...silly, tasteless, boring waiting. What should we do in the meantime?

Let's get another movie going! Because write, shoot, edit, release, repeat.

So far, we have four concepts on the table: Heist, Horror, Hallmark, and Girl Power.

(What? Hallmark? Did I read that right?)

Yes. My wife, Victoria, and I love the gooey cheese of a Hallmark Christmas movie...and, since I promised my wonderful, superlative Mom that I would make a movie that's more her speed and less *bleep-bleep*, it seems like the perfect fit!

But, at this exact-current-right-about-now moment, the idea of returning to the horror genre is in the lead. It may just be because Halloween is awesomesauce and the approaching summer is steamy-yuck, but I think it's because it's time to go back to the beginning and do it right.

Anyone care to join the family?

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