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Shine a Light on a Needle in a Black Hole (or: Why Would We Even Bother?)

I'm crawling up to the keyboard after a scorched, sweat-fused lunch break circuit training, watching After Effects render a video composition full of smiles and tears frame-by-frame-by-frame, while synching sound to video in a new ad series we're producing for a long-time pounding out this blogger quickie.

Did you know there are 50,000 movies being made and thrown out into the world each year? FIFTY THOUSAND. I have a hard time believing it, too. B-Side Entertainment is the company that published the estimate...they're reputable, I guess. That's 50,000 people like me all over the world screaming to get attention for their little darlings.

Imagine going to the video store and-- Wait. Do any of you sexy people still go to the video store?

Imagine checking Amazon or Netflix or iTunes for the latest releases and getting overloaded with 50,000 options on the first page.

Okay, I'll say it. That number's probably exaggerated. Sundance gets about 13,000 short and feature film submissions every year. Most hopeful Indie Filmmakers submit to Sundance, even if they're realistic about the kind of movie they made and admit there's no way in Hell they'll get accepted. Most still submit...'cause you never know.

Even if it's only 13,000 movies getting made per year, that's still 13,000 movies that are begging to be noticed.

How do WE compete? How to WE get noticed in a crowd of thousands of other filmmakers who are just like us? How do WE get people to want and actually seek our movies to watch?

Making a better movie is probably a start. Being really annoying...I mean persistent...about the availability of our filmy stuff is on the list somewhere. But I think the ultra step in my plan for attention will be contracting with a mutated pizza named Cheesy McCrust and his angry hype-woman, Mrs. Popper.

No further details at this time, but stay tuned as my Cheesy & Popper plan begins to unfold.


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